More Pornography on the Taxpayers Dime Print Share

In a stunning revelation this week, I learned that the Justice Department failed to prosecute an Assistant United States Attorney who was found to have at least one image of child pornography on his work computer. According to a report by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, the Assistant U.S. Attorney also admitted spending a significant amount of time each day viewing adult content during work hours.
The report contained what appears to be inexcusable mishandling of serious allegations against the federal official.  The report calls into question the Justice Department’s decision to decline prosecution of this Assistant U.S. Attorney.  In fact, as of May 31, no disciplinary action against the attorney had been taken.
What makes this even harder to believe, is that the Justice Department is tasked with enforcing the laws against obscenity and child pornography (the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section), yet it didn’t prosecute one of its own.  
In a letter I sent yesterday to Attorney General Eric Holder, I questioned the department’s decision to not prosecute the high ranking official and why it appears that he remained on the taxpayer dime for at least two months after the Inspector General’s report was delivered.   I also asked about the types of cases the attorney worked on and any steps the department has taken to update its technology to keep pornography off its computers.
I’m interested in learning the facts behind the Justice Department’s decisions in this pornography case.  On its face, the department’s actions appear unjustified.  We should be doing everything we can to stop people involved in child pornography.
July 8, 2011