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4-15-14. Topics: Whistleblower Protection Caucus, Biofuels, Social Security, HUD, and Medicare.

3-31-14. Topics: Ukraine, Wind Energy, Senate Guest Chaplain, Intelligence Agency Transparency, and the EPA.

3-20-14. Topics: Norman Borlaug, Foster Care, National Youth Synthetic Drug Awareness Week, Sunshine Week, and Library of Congress.

3-4-14. Topics: Grassley Internships, FDA Employee Monitoring, President's Budget Proposal, The National Guard, and Medicare Advantage.

2-20-14. Topics: Keystone XL Pipeline, Retired Military Pay, Whistleblower Protections, IRS Free File, and Use of Executive Power.

2-3-14.   Topics:  Poverty and Economic Opportunity, Propane Prices, The Agricultural Act of 2014, Mandatory Minimum Sentences, and U.S. Military Service Academies.

1-22-14.   Topics:  Balancing National Security and Privacy, The Farm and Nutrition Bill, The Renewable Fuel Standard, How the U.S. Senate Should Work, and Trade Promotion Authority

12-20-13.   Topics:    The Renewable Fuel Standard, EB-5 Visa Program, Report Card for the 113th Congress, Budget Deal, and the IRS Commissioner

12-03-13. Topics: FISA, The Environmental Protection Agency, Whistleblower Protections, Department of Defense Audit, Unfinished Business In Congress

11-18-13.  Topics: Drugs, Health Care, Ethanol, Whistleblowers, National Adoption Month

11-4-13.  Topics: Healthcare, Farm Bill, DC Circuit Courts, Budget Conference, Veteran's Day

9-16-13.  Topics: Federal Judiciary Spending, Syria, Agriculture And American Prosperity, Rights Of Reporters, Farm Safety

8-02-13.  Topics: Whistleblowers, Health Care Fraud, Government Employee Accountability, EB-5 Immigration Program

7-15-13.  Topics: Frivolous Lawsuits, Smithfield, Champion for Children Award, Obamacare, IRS Bonuses

7-1-13. Topics: Celebrating Freedom, Drones, Immigration Reform, Oversight of the Judiciary, Prescription Drug Costs

6-3-13. Topics: Town Meetings, Shuanghui International Acquiring Smithfield Foods, Farm Bill, IRS Scandals, Flag Day

5-15-13.  Topics: IRS Political Targeting, Farm Bill, Foster Care, Protecting Whistleblowers, Federal Furloughs

4-29-13.  Topics: Immigration Reform, Political Intelligence, Electronic Communications Privacy Act, FAA Sequester, Education

4-15-13.  Topics: Sunshine Act, Tom Perez Quid Pro Quo, Easing the Pressure on High Caseload Federal Courts, Keystone XL Pipeline

4-1-13.   Topics: 99 County Meetings, Transparency at the Supreme Court, EPA, International Trade and Jobs, Tax E-Filing

3-4-13.  Topics: Sequestration, Debt, Deficits, Maternity Care, Summer Internships, Cameras in Federal Courtrooms, Too Big to Jail

2-20-13.  Topics: Wrestling, Securities and Exchange Commission, Curbing Methamphetamine, Farm Program Integrity Act of 2013, Immigration Reform

2-4-13.  Topics: HUD Oversight, Beef and Pork Trade with Russia, Physician Payments Sunshine Act, E-Verify, Sequester

1-24-13.  Topics: Inauguration, Pay for Delay Settlements, Deducting Tax Settlements as Business Expense, Protecting Whistleblowers Exposing Criminal Antitrust Violations, Agriculture Trade

1-7-13.  Topics: Government Spending, Academic Success for Foster Youth, K2, Russia Adoption Policy, Federal Income Tax

12-17-12. Topics: Remembering the Victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy, Myths About 2001/2003 Tax Relief, Department of Justice Forgoing Criminal Prosecution of HSBC Officials, Getting Generic Drugs to the Shelves Faster, Wind Energy Production Tax Credit

12-3-12. Topics: Navigation on the Mississippi River, SEC, Limiting Taxpayer Support for Contractor Salaries, Oversight of the Justice Department, the Senate Filibuster

11-19-12. Topics: Whistleblower Protections, Fiscal Cliff, Rooting Out Wasteful Spending, Iraqi Government's Release of Ali Musa Daqduq, China

11-2-12. Topics: Fast and Furious, A123, Synthetic Drugs, Dollars to Doctors, Electoral College

10-15-12. Topics: Wind Energy, A123, Government Oversight, Reno ATF, Medicare Sustainability

10-1-12. Topics: Fast and Furious, Stopping Abuse of Government Charge Cards, Health Care Costs, The Terrorist Threat, The Fiscal Cliff

9-17-12. Topics: Angels in Adoption, Constitution Day, Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Law for Family Farmers, Economy, Crop Insurance and Disaster Relief

7-31-12. Topics: Synthetic Drugs, Whistleblowers, Trade with Russia, Foreign Student Visa Program, Taxes, Debt, Deficit Reduction

7-16-12. Topics: Toyota Unintended Acceleration Oversight, IRS Handling of Obamacare Tax, High Taxes Inhibiting Job Creation, Peregrine, Regulatory Reform and Job Creation

7-3-12. Topics: Independence Day, Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare, Fiscal Responsibility, Synthetic Drugs, Fast and Furious

6-18-12. Topics: Immigration, Fast and Furious, FDA Whistleblower Retaliation, Public Housing Authorities Oversight, Taxes and the Economy

6-4-12. Topics: Wind Energy, Ninth Circuit Court Hawaii Trip, Student Loans, NASA & Google Oversight, Budget

5-14-12. Topics: Student Loan Interest Rates, Prescription Drug Shortages, Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, Transparency in Prescribing of Narcotic Painkillers, National Foster Care Month

4-30-12. Topics: Honoring WWII Veterans, Oversight of the Department of Energy regarding Fisker, Town Meetings, 2012 Farm Bill, Medical Malpractice

4-16-12. Topics: Medicaid Oversight, Common Sense Farm Labor Regulations, Defensive Medicine Drives Up Health Care Costs, Court Options for Federal Law Enforcement Officers, Taxes

4-2-12. Topics: Fighting Illicit Drugs, Cameras in the Courtroom, A Safe and Abundant Food Supply, Fast and Furious, Lean Finely Textured Beef

3-19-12. Topics: Defense Spending Oversight, Wind Energy, Fighting Human Trafficking, H1-B Visa Program, Medical Device Safety

3-5-12. Topics: Safeguarding National Defense Dollars, Medicaid Managed Care Oversight, Fair Prices for Independent Livestock Producers, Stopping Frivolous Lawsuits, Gas Prices

2-20-12. Topics: Iowa Air National Guard in Des Moines, President Obama's Budget, Beef Exports, Cybersecurity, Religious Liberty

1-23-12. Topics: 99 County Tour, PIPA, Keystone XL Pipeline, IPTV's Iowa Press, President Obama's Controversial Recess Appointments

1-9-12. Topics: 99 County Tour, Agriculture Policy, President Obama's controversial recess appointment, U.S. Service Academies

12-19-11. Topics: Physician Payments Sunshine Act, Veterans, Fast and Furious, Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)

12-5-11. Topics: MF Global, Constitutional Principles, Generic Drugs, Limiting Defense Contractor Salaries, Renewable Energy, Jobs

11-21-11. Topics: Agriculture, Cameras in the Courtroom, Medicaid Oversight, Whistleblowers, Medicare Coverage

11-11-11. Topics: Hiring Veterans, Fast and Furious, Federal Housing Authority Oversight, Good Government, Deficit Reduction

11-4-11. Topics: Jobs, Foster Care, The Red Cross' Holiday Mail for Heroes Program, Fast and Furious, The National Guard

10-28-11. Topics: Medicare Fraud, Breast Cancer Awareness, Stalking Apps, Pay for Delay by Prescription Drug Companies, The CLASS Act

10-21-11. Topics: EPA Dust Regulations, Strengthening Money Laundering Laws, Whistleblower Protection Laws, FEMA Assistance for Iowa Flood Victims, Social Security and Medicare

10-14-11. Topics: Public Access to Doctor Disciplinary Data, Trade Agreements, Missouri River Flooding, Medicare, Education

10-7-11. Topics: Fast and Furious, Internships, Medicare Billing, Stopping Wasteful Spending, The World Food Prize

9-30-11. Topics: Economic Recovery, Solyndra Oversight, Prescription Medicine Abuse, Immigration/Amnesty, Chinese Currency

9-23-11. Topics: Federal Agency Conference Expenditures, Internships, Fast and Furious, Child Welfare, SEC Oversight

9-16-11. Topics: Disaster Aid for Iowa Farmers, Personal Data Privacy and Security Act, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Rally, Government Contractor Salaries and Fees Oversight, Job Creation

9-9-11. Topics: Job Creation, EPA Dust Regulation, An Update for Patent Law, SEC Record Destruction Oversight, The U.S.S. Iowa

9-2-11. Topics: 99 County Tour, 9/11, Fast and Furious, Agriculture

8-26-11. Topics: Military Academy Applications, Cameras in the Courtroom, Over-Regulation, Supporting Whistleblowers

8-19-11. Topics: SEC Document Destruction Oversight, 99 County Tour, Fast and Furious,  Representative Government, Missouri River Flooding

8-12-11. Topics: Iowa Natural Disasters, Tax Reform, Agriculture Transportation Regulations, Creating Jobs Though Trade

8-5-11. Topics: Debt Ceiling, Flood Control, Transparency in Research Dollars to Doctors, Fast and Furious, Balanced Budget Amendment

7-29-11. Topics: Reducing Government Spending, Banning K2, Stopping Government Charge Card Abuse, Disaster Relief, Tax Reform

7-22-11. Topics: Cutting Regulations, Reducing Deficits, Fast and Furious, Oversight of Pay-off Agreements Between Pharmaceutical Companies and Generic Drug Companies, Child Support Payments

7-15-11. Topics: Debt Ceiling, Flood Protection, Agriculture Regulations, Law School Accreditation Oversight, Social Security

7-8-11. Topics: Fast and Furious, DOJ Fails to Prosecute Assistant U.S. Attorney Viewing Pornography at Work, Reining in Spending, Creating Jobs Through Trade, Biodiesel

7-1-11. Topics: Duffy Lyon (Butter Cow Sculptor), Job Creation, FFA, Fast and Furious, Internships

6-24-11. Topics: Missouri River Flooding, Substance Abuse, Economic Recovery, Farm Bill, E-Verify

6-17-11. Topics: Fast and Furious, Banning Federal Grants to Tax Delinquents, Missouri River Flooding, Job Creation, Budget Deficit

6-10-11. Topics: Defense Spending Oversight, Missouri River Flooding, Farm Program, Free Trade Agreements, Ethanol Tax Incentives

6-3-11. Topics: Grassley Participates in Meetings Overseas, Protecting Nursing Home Residents and Taxpayers, Internships, FBI Director Robert Mueller, Debt Ceiling

5-27-11. Topics: Memorial Day, Stimulus Oversight, Reducing Violence on U.S.-Mexico Border, Disclosing Money Between Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Groups, Whistleblowers

5-20-11. Topics: Lowering Gas Prices, Helping Family Farmers Stay Competitive, Salute to Graduates, LightSquared, Medicare and Health Care Reform

5-13-11. Topics: AT&T/T-Mobile Merger, Veterans' Health Care, Antipsychotic Drugs in Nursing Homes, Whistleblowers, Copyright Infringement

5-6-11. Topics: Gas Prices, National Debt, Fast and Furious, Disclosing Money Between Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Groups, Fighting Financial Fraud, Mother's Day

4-29-11. Topics: Military Spending Oversight, Creating Jobs in Iowa, Federal Budget, Defense Department Spending Oversight, Tax Increases and Deficit Reduction

4-15-11. Topics: EPA Spilled Milk Regulations, 99 County Tour, Stopping Jet Setting Tax Delinquents, Reducing Government Spending, Fast and Furious

4-8-11. Topics: Energy Independence, Cutting Red Tape for Job Creators, Cameras in the Courtroom, Whistleblowers, Possible Government Shutdown

4-1-11. Topics: Energy Independence, G.M. Bailout Shuffle, Retirement Income Security, Transparency for Dialysis Patients and Taxpayers, K2

3-25-11. Topics: 99 County Tour, Creating Jobs Through Trade, SEC Oversight, Health Care Reform

3-18-11. Topics: Olympic Athletes Promoting Physical Activity, K2, Money Smart Week, Whistleblowers, Experiences for Students in Washington

3-11-11. Topics: Fast and Furious, Philadelphia HUD Oversight, Frivolous Lawsuits, Iowa Students Win C-SPAN Competition, Strategic Petroleum Reserve

3-4-11. Topics: Deterring Health Fraud, Climate Change, Fast and Furious, Federal Budget, Military Service Academies

2-25-11. Topics: Caring for Veterans, Job Creation, Representative Government, Federal Budget, Medicare and Medicaid Spending

2-18-11. Topics: National Debt, 99 County Tour, NOAA Oversight, Creating an Inspector General for the Judicial Branch, Agricultural Conservation

2-11-11. Topics: Ending Secret Holds in the U.S. Senate, Free Trade Agreements, EPA Dust Regulations, Justice for Sexual Assault Victims, Preventing Abuse of Government Charge Cards

9-2-10. Topics: 99 County Tour, 1099 Reporting Requirements, Food Safety, Border Security