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Senator Grassley works hard to reform our immigration policies and put integrity back into our immigration system.


Grassley first and foremost is opposed to amnesty. He believes if Congress insists on a legalization program, it's important these individuals truly do "earn" any potential adjustment to legal status. This includes assimilation efforts such as learning English or paying back taxes.


He supports increased border and interior enforcement measures. This includes increasing agents in states like Iowa, and providing funding for fencing, technology, and border patrol agents.


It's also important to improve the current electronic employment verification system that allows employers to verify the immigration status of their workforce. This system has been reliable for employers, and companies should be required to use this valuable tool.


New and improved legal avenues for workers are important so industries and areas where help is needed can get workers to come to the United States. To make this happen, it's necessary to make sure that visa policies are improved for foreign travelers. The bottom line is that the visa procedures need to be secure but efficient.


Oversight is one of the constitutional responsibilities as a Senator and he takes that very seriously. Oversight of the Department of Homeland Security will be especially important in the future as it implements any temporary worker program.


Over the last several years Grassley has worked hard to root out fraud and mismanagement of visa programs that don't work or harm the American worker. This includes tackling loopholes that make the programs susceptible to abuse.


Click the links below to see Senator's Grassley's work on H-1B visa reform

H-1B and L Visa Reform

Click here to view the top 200 users of H-1B visas in 2006

Click here to view the top 200 users of H-1B visas in 2007

Grassley asks for details on companies use of H-1B Visas

Grassley releases information on L Visas

Click here to view the Federal Governments usage of H-1B visas

Grassley questions Fannie Mae, NIH regarding use of H-1B Visas


Click here to view Senator Grassley's June 21, 2010 letter to President Obama.


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