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Conscientious stewardship of the land, water and air is second nature for those who live, work and raise a family on the farm. As a federal policymaker, Senator Grassley's farm-bred green thumb has long guided his work on Capitol Hill to promote renewable energy and a clean environment. That includes sowing and tending the seeds at the policymaking tables to tap Iowa’s agricultural abundance as an alternative source of energy. Diversifying farm commodities and agricultural by-products -- such as corn, soybeans, switchgrass and livestock waste -- and capturing natural resources -- such as wind -- to produce homegrown, renewable energy is a winning solution to address America’ energy security. Iowa and America's economic and consumer dependence on oil imported from volatile regions of the world influences America’s national, energy and economic security. Policymakers can empower America in the 21st century and help preserve the environment by fostering research and production of green power.

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