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For Immediate Release
November 15, 2013

Grassley Comments on EPA Proposed Rules that Lower Conventional Renewable Fuels Levels

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa made the following comment after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard volume requirements.  The proposed rule released by the EPA lowers the required consumption of conventional renewable fuel to 13.01 billion gallons, despite the law mandating consumption of 14.4 billion gallons, and below the 2013 level of 13.8 billion gallons.  It also provides that biodiesel remains at 1.28 billion gallons.  (Click here to read the letter Grassley sent to the EPA with 31 colleagues on the biodiesel regulations.)  The proposed rules are now open for public comment.  Grassley encourages Iowans to make comments at

“The federal government made a commitment to homegrown, renewable energy when Congress passed the Renewable Fuel Standard.  The proposed rules released by the Environmental Protection Agency undermine that commitment.  These misguided rules could cost jobs and create dirtier air, while protecting the stranglehold Big Oil has on the country’s fuel supply.  It’s disappointing that a President who claimed to be a supporter of renewable energy has allowed his administration to take us a step back in lessening our reliance on foreign sources of oil.  It’s time for supporters of clean, homegrown, green energy and forward-thinking energy policy to rally and let the Obama administration know that its proposal is short-sighted and irresponsible.”