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For Immediate Release
September 22, 2005

Grassley to Support Judge Roberts

Prepared Statement for Roberts Committee Vote

Prepared Statement of Senator Chuck Grassley

Senate Committee on the Judiciary

Executive Business Meeting on

The Nomination of Judge John G. Roberts, Jr. to be

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mr. Chairman, I'm pleased to speak in support of Judge John Roberts to become Chief Justice to the United States Supreme Court.

Judge Roberts is an intelligent and experienced lawyer, a fair judge, a dedicated public servant, a brilliant jurist. By now, we're all familiar with Judge Roberts' impressive resume and his stellar performance before the Judiciary Committee.

Judge Roberts has set the record straight that he is the best man for the job of Chief Justice. He possesses a knowledge of and respect for the Constitution that is necessary for all Supreme Court Justices. He understands and respects the separate functions of the judicial and political branches of government. He expresses the views of an individual who is truly committed to the rule of law and the United States Constitution. He is a solid practitioner of judicial restraint. He emphasizes the importance of modesty and humility in the role of a Justice.

I believe that at his hearing last week, Judge Roberts demonstrated that he will be fair and open-minded, and will approach cases without bias and without a personal agenda. This is the kind of judge that everyone - both liberals and conservatives alike - wants on the bench.

The reality is that we can't always accurately predict how an individual is going to make decisions once he or she gets on the bench. We have to trust our judgment and the confirmation process. But, the plain truth is that President Bush has made a very good choice. Judge Roberts will be a great judge, not a politician on the bench. He won't impose his personal views on the people, but will make decisions as they should be decided, in an impartial manner. I believe that he'll carry out the responsibilities of Chief Justice in an honorable, fair and effective manner, which seems to me to have been Judge Roberts' style for all his life.

We should all be happy with this nominee. I'm pleased to support Judge Roberts, and I urge my colleagues to support his nomination as well.