No one cares about or understands the needs of a child better than that child’s parents. That’s why Senator Grassley believes that decisions about a child’s education should be made by those closest to the children those decisions affect and their parents. As a result, he has opposed federal micromanaging of local schools and supported local flexibility and maximum parental involvement.

Grassley has also been the leading advocate for talented and gifted children in the United States Congress and has worked to ensure that they have access to the education needed to reach their full potential. He has successfully advanced legislation to ensure federal education policy takes into account the needs of gifted students and encourages the availability of gifted education services.

In higher education, Senator Grassley has supported federal student aid programs that allow students who might not otherwise be able to access higher education to attend the school of their choice. He has also worked to reform those programs to make costs more transparent, thus empowering students and their families with the information needed to avoid excessive costs and student debt.