Senator Grassley uses his role in the Senate to represent the interests of Iowans when it comes to U.S. foreign policy.

Senator Grassley has a long history of concern for international religious freedom, whether it was smuggling Bibles into the Soviet Union and advocating for the right of Soviet Jews persecuted for their faith to emigrate in the 1980s, to more recently pressuring China to end its repression of religious minorities. Grassley’s support for and engagement with these religious minorities has struck a nerve with the Chinese Communist Party.

Senator Grassley believes in partnering with those around the world who share America’s values in order to defend freedom.  He is a longtime supporter of NATO and is a founding member, and current Co-Chair of the Senate Baltic Freedom Caucus. He has worked to push administrations of both parties to stand up against countries that are hostile to America, from leading the charge to rename the street in front of the Soviet Embassy after Andrei Sakharov to marshalling proposals to safeguard U.S. elections from foreign interference. He has also rejected attempts to cede strategic ground to our adversaries and has shined a light on China’s deliberate takeover of international bodies.