Senator Grassley has worked hard to reform our nation’s immigration policies in order to protect American workers and stop illegal immigration. Critical to these efforts is securing the U.S. southern border, curbing illegal immigration and upholding the integrity of foreign worker, student visa, and travel visa programs. 

Senator Grassley has continuously introduced legislation that would increase border security resources and manpower in order to better assist federal immigration enforcement agencies in securing the U.S. southern border and deterring illegal activity. He has legislated for improved cooperation between federal immigration law enforcement and state and local law enforcement by bringing accountability and transparency to the forefront of these efforts. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley convened hearings in order to hear testimony from families who have been impacted by violent crimes committed by immigrants illegally in the U.S. He has also focused on strengthening our immigration laws against undocumented immigrants arrested for drunk driving, and those with criminal gang affiliations

Senator Grassley also recognizes the need for workforce development. Grassley has worked hard to improve visa procedures that help American industries get the workforce they need. He has remained focused on improving visa procedures that are secure and efficient yet prioritize foreign travelers who are seeking or possess the academic disciplines that are vital to American industries. Protecting jobs for Americans and Iowans has been a top priority for Senator Grassley. Through congressional oversight, Grassley has worked to bring an end to the mismanagement of visa programs and to root out deceptive practices which weaken the integrity of the programs and harm the American worker. Grassley cares about the American worker and has fought to ensure that Americans are not displaced due to the abuse of visa programs. Additionally, Grassley has legislated to bring more jobs to rural American communities through programs aimed at improving foreign capital investments and providing American businesses with the tools they need to comply with worker eligibility laws. Important to this effort is the improvement of the electronic employment verification system.