Technology has made it even faster and easier to keep in touch.  I recently began using the smartphone app, Instagram, to share photos from my #99countymeetings, constituent visits, and other events.  I’m excited to use this new platform to communicate with constituents and if you have a smartphone I hope you will follow me at SenatorChuckGrassley.

Social media offers another great form of instant communication.  Every week I post a video address on my YouTube page to inform Iowans on an important issue or event happening in Congress.  Iowans also can like my Facebook page for updates.  Don't miss out on my tweets.  Follow me on Twitter @ChuckGrassley.

There are a number of other ways Iowans can communicate with me as well.  You can visit my website for information on my positions, register your views on issues and pending legislation, report wrongdoing against taxpayers by clicking on my whistleblower tab, and send me questions or comments.
Iowans also can write a letter or send me an email.  I answer every letter I receive from Iowans.  So if you don’t get a response, I hope you’ll write me a nasty letter and tell me that I didn’t answer your letter.

Every year since I was elected to the U.S. Senate, I’ve held a constituent meeting in each of Iowa’s 99 counties.  These meetings provide a great way for me to hear what’s on your minds and answer your questions.

Representative government is a two-way street that relies on communication between constituents and elected officials.  This communication is the key to making representative government work.