The United States Marshals Service is one of the oldest federal law enforcement agencies tasked with the very important responsibility of protecting our judges and apprehending fugitives like the ones on the loose in New York. Many of these agents selflessly put their lives on the line every day to catch dangerous criminals and keep our communities safe. Unfortunately, I’ve heard from dozens of employees at the Marshals Service that a culture of misconduct and impunity has taken hold among many of the agency’s leaders.

In March, I began investigating claims of inappropriate hiring practices that include creating made up positions and hiring friends and family, even though they may be unqualified for the job. I’ve also been looking into claims that leaders at the Marshals Service have been squandering money on extravagant office furnishings, unnecessary travel and help with applications for job promotions.  The Justice Department has referred my inquiries to the Department of Justice’s Inspector General for further investigation.

Just last week, the Director of the Marshals Service, Stacia Hylton, announced that she would be stepping down. As director, she is ultimately responsible for the behavior of her employees, and for keeping them accountable when the rules are broken. This hasn’t been happening, so her departure is an opportunity to restore the trust and accountability that has been lacking for too long.

Even though Ms. Hylton will be leaving the Marshals Service, I will continue my investigation to make sure that the officials who have behaved inappropriately or who violated the public trust are held accountable for their actions. So many brave and committed employees dedicate themselves to rounding up people who break the rules.  They shouldn’t be forced to answer to rule breakers within their own agency.