Grassley deserves praise for his handling of judicial appointees

Two non-lawyers, the Iowa senator and Trump, bested two Harvard lawyers in seating federal-level jurists

By Jonathan Yates

The Des Moines Register


Leaving to head the Senate Finance Committee, Chairman Grassley posted an unprecedented record for moving judicial appointees through the process and onto the federal bench for the Trump Administration. It is truly remarkable how two non-lawyers, Grassley and President Trump, easily bested the record of two Harvard attorneys, former President Barack Obama and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, in seating federal-level jurists, including two on the Supreme Court. The influence of this unsurpassed effort will be felt for decades as federal judges have lifetime appointments.

It is always good to leave something better than the way you found it in elected office (and in life), and that has certainly been the case with Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Ia.) in his tenure as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The last part was the most brilliant: concentrating on judges, not appointed federal bureaucrats.

Every president changes America, but none has had a greater impact on the judiciary branch than Trump, especially if he is re-elected next year.