Following the poor lead of the Department of Justice and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, EpiPen maker Mylan is declining to testify at a Judiciary Committee hearing scheduled for Nov. 30 on the potential settlement between Mylan and the Justice Department over reportedly hundreds of millions of dollars in overpayments by the taxpayers for EpiPens under Medicaid.  Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, made the following comment.

“The Obama Administration is dodging accountability for an expensive problem, and now a company is following its bad example.  Taxpayers have paid and based on reports, continue to pay hundreds of millions of dollars more for the EpiPen than they have to pay.  This happened because either the agencies in charge dropped the ball, the company gamed the system, or both.  Ironically, the company was eager to talk about this problem a few weeks ago in a press release to investors but not before the United States Senate.  It’s a shame government agencies and the company are ducking accountability under a voluntary process.  One way or another, I intend to get answers for patients and taxpayers.”

Mylan’s letter is available here.