Prepared Floor Remarks by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa
On Accepting the Election Results in Iowa’s Second Congressional District
Friday, December 18, 2020
There’s been a lot of finger wagging across the aisle by both Senate and House Democrats about accepting election results.
Most of that has been related to whether or not President Trump would concede the election to Joe Biden
But obviously there is somewhat of a double standard. Because these same Democrats are mum about the looming challenge to the certified result of the election in Iowa’s Second Congressional District.
Representative-elect Miller-Meeks won by six votes after careful recounts conducted and certified on a bipartisan basis according to Iowa law.
On election night the Democratic candidate lost.
A few days later two counties were recounted and the Democratic candidate still lost.
And then the Democratic candidate asked for a recount of all 24 counties. And after that recount the Democratic candidate still lost.
A day later, the secretary of state of Iowa certified the election just like the secretaries of states in our 50 states certified their elections for the presidential election.
Now the Democratic opponent chose not to make a case under Iowa law before a judicial panel headed by the Chief Justice of Iowa, presumably because there is no legal case.
Now what happens?
The next step is that candidate, under a 1969 federal law, can ask the House of Representatives to set aside Iowa’s election law and overturn Iowa’s certified election results through a purely political process.
Which could presumably have a Democrat majority of 222 in the U.S. House overturn the votes of 400,000 Iowans.
Now getting back to what seems to be a double standard.
If Democrat leaders do not nip this in the bud now, they have no room to point fingers.