BUTLER COUNTY, IOWA – Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), president pro tempore emeritus of the U.S. Senate, made the following comments regarding the passage of the partisan budget reconciliation bill in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Taken all together, the policies represented in this legislation are just plain bad for the country. Massive government spending amid historic inflation will further hurt the pocketbooks of American families. And changes that will drastically reshape the ethos of our country should never be passed along partisan lines.

“Certain policy items could have been thoughtfully addressed through bipartisan negotiations, like family leave and lowering the cost of prescription drugs. But the Democrat approach was radically partisan and far outside the mainstream.

“I will vigorously oppose this boondoggle. I’m confident all Senate Republicans will oppose it, and I hope a few sensible Democrats will, too.

“Anyone who supported this bill needs to answer how giving tax breaks to rich, coastal elites while charging taxpayers hundreds of billions to provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants will benefit our country. They need to answer for the undermining of American energy independence and the inflationary effects that will weigh on American families. It’s not good for Iowa. It’s not good for the country. It should not become law.”