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Grassley Cable Show to Stream Live Via Internet

Mar 21, 2000

Grassley Cable Show to Stream Live Via Internet

? Tired of watching "Friends?" Want a quality program that answers your questions about Washington, but allows you to still watch "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Well, it might be time to flip off the TV, power up the computer and click your way to Senator Chuck Grassley's first live call-in show available on-line.

Senator Grassley announced today that on Thursday, March 30, from 7 ? 7:30 p.m. (Central time) his monthly show "Ask Your Senator" can be viewed LIVE through his web site. All Iowans need is an Internet-ready computer that can play sound and video. They can access the show through Grassley's website at and click the link to start the show.

"During my live cable show, Iowans can call in and ask me anything that's on their minds. It gives Iowans a chance to ask me questions, and it's important that I hear their common sense concerns first-hand," Grassley said. "Those who can't see my show through local TV now have a chance to take part in two-way representative government through their computers."

"Ask Your Senator: A Live Town Meeting" will be broadcast from Washington, DC and can also be seen through local cable stations. Grassley will open the phone lines to Iowans who can participate by calling toll-free 800/736-8255. Or, questions can be e-mailed in advance to

For those without computers, special sites across the state will be showing "Ask Your Senator" for anyone interested. The sites include the Republican State Party Headquarters in Des Moines, Council Bluffs Public Library and the Cedar Rapids Public Library. (A list of addresses and contacts is included below).

Barbara Vakulskas of Sioux City plans to tune into the show via her computer. John and Barbara Muenster of Davenport said they plan to do the same: "It's a great way to see what Senator Grassley is up to in Washington while I surf the World Wide Web," Muenster said. "This is such a novel idea that I think more of our lawmakers should get connected."

Since the last cable show, Grassley has been working to find ways to lower skyrocketing gas prices that Iowans have faced at the pump. In addition, his plan to provide better crop insurance relief has passed the Agriculture Committee and is on the Senate floor. Also, he has held hearings concerning colon cancer featuring testimony by NBC Today Show host Katie Couric, and he has traveled across the state encouraging Iowans to fill out their census forms.

Here are the locations for those without computers who still want to see the show:

Cedar Rapids Public Library

Second Floor Conference Room

500 First Street, SE

Cedar Rapids

Republican Party State Headquarters
Second Floor

521 East Locust Street

Des Moines

Council Bluffs Public Library

ICN Classroom

400 Willow Avenue

Council Bluffs