Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa made the following statement after his meeting with Governor Sonny Perdue, the nominee to be the next Secretary of Agriculture.  Grassley is a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee and is the only working family farmer on the committee. 


“I appreciate Governor Perdue meeting with me.  We had a good discussion about agriculture policy and the overall industry.


“It’s no secret that I like the Secretary of Agriculture to have an understanding of the benefits of the family farm—the backbone of American agriculture—to the industry itself.  Part of our meeting today centered on that very fact.  After our conversation, I feel that he understands and appreciates the family farm and the contributions it makes to the economy.  We also briefly discussed trade and exports and how important they are to farmers and the agricultural economy. 


“Agriculture is as diverse as our country as a whole, and it’s evident by the differing landscapes in our two home states.  But I think both Governor Perdue and I can agree that the country’s rich agricultural heritage set the stage for the growth and prosperity enjoyed by Americans from every walk of life across the United States.  I look forward to continuing our discussion at his hearing and working together for the good of agriculture in the future.”


Additional video comment may be found below.