WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley continues to seek details from an accrediting organization over a youth psychiatric hospital that is in the news over reported troubling conduct.   Grassley followed up with The Joint Commission over the Shadow Mountain facility run by Universal Health Services (UHS), the country’s largest psychiatric hospital chain.  The commission told Grassley the hospital presented an “immediate threat to life” during a recent inspection but did not offer any details on what prompted the serious finding.  
“Thank you for your April 27, 2017, response and May 12, 2017, update. Unfortunately, both responses failed to answer several questions, including what corrective steps The Joint Commission required of Shadow Mountain in light of its numerous performance issues,” Grassley wrote.  “Specifically, your letter noted that The Joint Commission identified 27 performance issues at Shadow Mountain but failed to address how and whether those issues were resolved.  … Given the reported conduct occurring at Shadow Mountain, it is imperative that The Joint Commission explain in detail what steps it has taken to address the problems at the facility.”
The Joint Commission told Grassley that inspectors found “evidence of non-compliance of standards” in areas including the provision of care, treatment and services without detailing those areas.  
Grassley is seeking answers in response to news reports describing concerns of low nurse staffing, medication errors and reports of sexual misconduct at the Shadow Mountain facility in Tulsa, Okla.  The news reports “portray a pattern of conduct that is extremely concerning and cast a dark cloud over UHS’s ability to properly care for its patients and whether it is properly billing federal programs,” Grassley wrote in an April letter to the inspector general of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  
Grassley’s May 25 follow-up letter to The Joint Commission is available here.