Prepared Floor Remarks by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa
On Democrats Undermining Faith in our Elections
Thursday, October 1, 2020
President Trump was rightly criticized for dodging a question about the peaceful transfer of power, instead Trump criticized mail-in ballots and rejected the premise that he will lose.
No, that doesn’t mean he’s planning some sort of coup, but it is important for any president to choose their words carefully.
The same is true for partisans on the other side whipping up fear that our democracy is in jeopardy or that the ballots won’t be counted. Even worse is the rhetoric setting the stage to delegitimize any future Trump victory.
We now hear full-blown conspiracy theories.
A group of Biden supporters conducted a “war game” speculating that the President won’t leave office without a Biden landslide, questioning what the military would do.
This caused the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to issue a civics lesson.
The U.S. military has no role in elections.
Democrats have doubled down on this debunked theory that the Postal Service is plotting with Trump to disrupt election mail.
The Postal Service does not answer to the President. It has plenty of capacity to deliver election mail. Plus, the federal government doesn’t run elections, states do.
A key goal of Russian “Active Measures” dating back to the Cold War has been to get Americans to doubt their government, its leaders and democratic institutions.
Let’s not do Russia’s dirty work for them.
No American should be questioning our free and fair elections.
Iowans who have requested absentee ballots will have ballots mailed to them starting on October 5th.
Remember to fill it out completely, including you driver’s license or voter PIN number and mail them to your county auditor well before Election Day – but not later than the day before.
Your ballot can be tracked on the Secretary of State’s website. So check out where your ballot is.
I have great faith in Iowa’s election officials and postal workers.
Iowans who vote in person or absentee can be assured that your vote will count, the same as any election.