Chuck Grassley

United States Senator from Iowa





Grassley Floor Statement on the Affordable Care Act's Broken Promises

May 25, 2017

The chart Sen. Grassley used is available here.


Floor Statement of Sen. Chuck Grassley
The Affordable Care Act’s Broken Promises
Delivered Thursday, May 25, 2017

I rise today to share real stories from real Iowans who have been harmed, not helped, by the Affordable Care Act. The other side talks about the benefits of the ACA without mentioning the reality. There is a reason Republicans are acting to protect Americans from a loss of access to medical care.

Obamacare has broken its promises. All these promises, made over and over again, have not stood the test of time. 

Let’s look at these promises:

PROMISE: You were promised if you like your doctor, you could keep your doctor. 

IN REALITY: This promise was actually scrubbed from the Obamacare website. 

PROMISE: You were promised you would be able to keep your insurance plan. 

IN REALITY: In the fall of 2013 between 7 and 12 million people had health insurance cancelled. 

Obamacare mandates resulted in fewer choices for people to buy affordable insurance.  People were kicked off plans they liked and could afford. This promise was dubbed the “Lie of the Year.”

PROMISE: You were promised your premiums would go down by $2,500 per family.

IN REALITY: Not even close!   

In Iowa, premiums increased up to 43%, in just one year! One farmer told me that his insurance went up from $20,000 to $32,000 in one year. He was able to get the premium down to $25,000 but he has a deductible of $15,000.  

THE BIGGEST PROMISE: You were promised access to affordable health care – the law is called the Affordable Care Act. That is the most concerning of all, the situation created by Obamacare is far from affordable. 

IN REALITY: Premiums in 2017 have doubled for the majority of states using Obamacare exchanges. In three states, premiums have tripled during Obamacare. One Iowan from Pomeroy, Iowa wrote to me and said that she shopped for an Obamacare plan and found that she would have to pay $9,000 out of pocket before her insurance kicks in. She told me she doesn’t know where that money would come from. That is too expensive to use!

For the past seven years, Obamacare has not been working and it will never work for the American people. 

Republicans will not accept failure. 

We aim for better and that is what guides as we continue our work repealing and replacing this failed law.