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Grassley Launches New "Home Page" for Iowans

Apr 16, 1997

Grassley Launches New "Home Page" for Iowans

Iowa Senator Opens New Door to Information about Congress, Federal Government

Scott Stanzel


Continually working to enhance the process of representative government, Sen. Chuck Grassley today announced the launching of a dynamic new Internet home page for Iowans which will provide up-to-date information from his Senate office about constituent services, legislative activity, Congressional oversight of the federal government, and federal agency information.

"The Internet provides new opportunities for all Americans to interact with those who hold elected office and to obtain more information about government. I want to use this new website to open lines of communication with Iowans. Citizen participation is essential to make the process of representative government work. I encourage every Iowan with access to the Internet to visit this new site and take advantage of its many resources," Grassley said.

Grassley said that his website will provide practical information such as applications for internships in Washington, D.C. and the various military academies, order forms for American flags flown over the U.S. Capitol, and numbers to call for casework assistance. The Grassley website also provides access to the Library of Congress for Iowa students, researchers and others.

In addition, website users will be able to access statements made by Grassley before the Senate, copies of legislation he has introduced, information about the work of legislative committees, and descriptions of Grassley initiatives for good government and Iowa concerns. Furthermore, Grassley said the site contains links to the home pages for most all of the federal agencies, including the Social Security Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, the Internal Revenue Service, Farm Service Agency, and the Veteran's Administration.

Finally, Grassley said that Iowans will be able to send E-mail messages to him through the website. Since 1995, Iowans have been able to E-mail letters to Grassley at The website launched today provides an additional avenue. The address for the new Grassley home page is

The previous website, created in October 1995, was much less comprehensive than the site launched today.