WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa has not missed a vote in the United States Senate in 25 years. July 20, 1993 marks the date when his current consecutive voting streak began. The last vote Grassley missed occurred in 1993 when he was in Iowa due to the terrible floods that ravaged the state. 

“Representative government only works when both the people and their elected representatives communicate and participate in the process. I look forward to my 99 county meetings every year because each of them is an opportunity to listen to the concerns and priorities of Iowans,” Grassley said. “Voting on behalf of the people of Iowa is the second half of the equation. A missed vote is a missed opportunity to effectively represent Iowans. I take my responsibility as a senator from Iowa very seriously. I want Iowans to know I’m on the job every day and not missing a vote is one way of doing that.”

To date, Grassley has cast 8,169 consecutive votes and holds the record for longest length of time without missing a vote in the history of the Senate. Grassley broke this record in January 2016, which was previously held by the late Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire.

Grassley’s tweet about his voting record is available here.