Prepared Floor Remarks by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa
On Moving Forward with Coronavirus Relief
Thursday, September 10, 2020
Today, the Senate will vote on moving forward with relief for Americans due to COVID-19.
The bill contains new funds for testing and contact tracing for the virus, aid for schools and colleges to keep kids safe and childcare assistance. 
It has more money for developing a coronavirus vaccine and treatments, funding for the Postal Service as well as relief for farmers.
It allows for small businesses to access more Paycheck Protection Program funds with more flexibility and provides for enhanced unemployment benefits.
Surely these are items we can agree on now.
We know how to work together to produce results for Americans. 
The successful CARES Act is a good model.
With CARES, Republicans in the Senate proposed a framework, then worked across party lines through the relevant committees to produce a consensus product that received overwhelming support in the Senate.
I was glad lead the bipartisan negotiations on the Senate Finance Committee portion of CARES, and have been standing ready to repeat the process if Democrat leaders would just agree to agree.
They seem to think they can hold out until Republicans either agree to their partisan wish list or take the blame for the lack of relief.
If they are right, it would be a partisan win-win for Democrats, but a tremendous loss for the American people.
Let’s agree to move forward together.