WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa has been named a co-chair of a bipartisan tax reform working group that will focus on individual taxes.  The working group is one of five such groups named by the leaders of the committee with jurisdiction over taxes.

“The tax code is too complex,” Grassley said.  “Taxpayers shouldn’t have to hire a professional just to file their taxes.  Congress should take on comprehensive tax reform that will increase fairness, reduce complexity and remove barriers to economic growth.  I’m glad to offer my experience to this effort, and I’ll share the feedback I receive from Iowans all the time about their frustrations with the tax code.”  

Grassley has been named one of the three co-chairs of the Individual Income Tax Working Group, one of five separate bipartisan Finance Committee Tax Working Groups convened by the chairman and ranking member.   The other working groups are Business Income Tax; Savings and Investment; International Tax; and Community Development and Infrastructure.

Grassley is a senior member and former chairman and ranking member of the Finance Committee, having presided over historic tax relief for individuals, families, businesses, students and teachers, among other provisions.  As then-chairman, Grassley helped steer through Congress the landmark 2001 and 2003 tax relief laws that lowered marginal tax rates, creating a first-ever 10 percent bracket.

More information on the working groups is available here.