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Grassley Praises Agreement with European Union on Veterinary Equivalency

May 01, 1997

Grassley Praises Agreement with European Union on Veterinary Equivalency

 Senator Chuck Grassley today praised the agreement on veterinary equivalency between the United States and the European Union (EU), saying it would create new trade opportunities for Iowa meat and dairy products.<P> According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) the agreement covers more than $1.5 billion in U.S. animal product exports. The USDA said the agreement expands trade opportunities for red meat, and preserves other pre-existing trade practices, including pet food, dairy and egg products. <P> Negotiators were not able to reach full agreement on approaches to poultry meat production and inspection. The USDA further announced plans to begin a thorough examination of the EU's poultry inspection system and its ability to meet tough U.S. meat inspection rules.<P> "In the interests of American workers, consumers and especially farmers, the U.S. must continue to lead the way for fair and open trade. In every area except poultry, we can finally say we have a level playing field with Europe. This is a victory for the United States," said Grassley.<P> Grassley also said that the U.S. must be aggressive in pursuing solutions to the few remaining problems. "As chairman of the International Trade Subcommittee, I am working to make sure U.S. trade policy treats farmers fairly and enhances market opportunities." <P> Comments from Grassley are available immediately for radio.<P><B><CENTER>To access the actuality, dial 202/228-3453.<BR>For more information, call Scott Stanzel at 202/224-6197.