Prepared Floor Remarks by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa
On President Trump’s Policing Executive Order
Monday, June 22, 2020
President Trump recently signed an executive order requiring commonsense administrative steps to promote police accountability. 
Democrats immediately criticized it as weak and insufficient to combat racial injustice, citing the need for changing laws.
Of course this executive order, in itself, does not and cannot solve the whole problem.
This reminds me of when the President was criticized for not ordering a nationwide lockdown despite having no such power and then accused of being a dictator for suggesting that he had a role in reopening the economy.
The President deserves credit for taking steps within his authority to improve police accountability, but he cannot change the law. 
Congress must now work, in a bipartisan way, to do what we can within the scope of our constitutional authority to make things better.
You cannot legislate away racial injustice overnight, but federal, state and local laws must reflect our national creed that all people are created equal.