WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, a family farmer, issued the following statement regarding the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill out of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

“Farm programs should provide temporary, limited assistance to farmers when there’s a natural disaster or an unforeseeable, sudden change in market prices. Setting sound, enforceable limits to farm safety net payments is a straightforward way to exercise fiscal responsibility and close loopholes that exploit the intent of farm programs that allow some non-farmers to game the system and take resources away from real, working farmers. I’ve been an advocate for making these reforms for more than a decade, so you can imagine my disappointment that they weren’t included in the committee’s legislation. I intend to offer an amendment on the Senate floor to include commonsense payment limits in the 2018 Farm Bill. A similar amendment passed the Senate in the last Farm Bill and should pass again.”

Grassley spoke earlier this week at the Heritage Foundation about the importance of fiscally responsible reforms to the Farm Bill. Grassley also wrote an op-ed about his work to make the 2018 Farm Bill more fair to farmers.