Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee made the following statement in response to a speech given by Vice President Joe Biden regarding his tenure as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  As Chairman, Biden refused to consider 44 judicial nominees.  

“No matter how hard the White House tries to rewrite history, it can’t change then Chairman Biden’s remarks explaining how the President and Senate should handle a Supreme Court nomination arising during a heated presidential campaign. As Chairman Biden explained, the hyper-political environment is bad for the nominee, the court, and ultimately the nation.   

“While the Vice President and others have tried to recast his 1992 speech as merely a call for greater cooperation, they neglect to mention that such cooperation, according to Chairmen Biden, was to occur, “in the next administration,” and only after the Presidential election.

“We now have a unique opportunity for the American people to have a voice in the direction of the court.  The Vice President noted today that “the meaning and extent of your federal constitutional rights” are heard and decided by the Supreme Court.  He’s right.  And the American people should be provided an opportunity to weigh in on whether the court should move in a more liberal direction for a generation, dramatically impacting the rights and individual freedoms we cherish as Americans.”

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