Chuck Grassley

United States Senator from Iowa





Grassley Statement on Sessions Recusal

Mar 02, 2017

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley released the following statement after Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ press conference this afternoon.

“First and foremost, any talk of resignation is nonsense.  We all know Attorney General Sessions to be an honest and forthright public servant.  When we spoke earlier this afternoon, between votes on the Senate floor, I suggested, as I did with Attorney General Lynch after she met with President Clinton on her airplane, that his recusal may be the best course of action.  He indicated that he had been consulting with the professionals at the department, and that he agreed. There’s little doubt that alleged conflicts, no matter how flimsy and regardless of whether or not they are based in fact, will be used against him to discredit him and any potential investigation into alleged conversations between the campaign and the Russian government.  So, his actions today were the right thing to do. 

“And, I appreciate that he will be sending a letter to the committee, as I asked him to do, to clear up any confusion regarding his testimony so we can put this issue to bed once and for all.”