Sen. Chuck Grassley is a long-time whistleblower advocate.  Grassley made the following comment on the findings of the independent Office of Special Counsel that a Department of Veterans Affairs whistleblower exposed significant and continued patient wait times at the Phoenix VA.
“Sometimes whistleblowers expose matters of life and death, other times they expose harm against the taxpayers, and sometimes they expose all of the above.   Kuauhtemoc Rodriguez of the Phoenix VA deserves praise and gratitude for coming forward about problems that cover all of the above.   Veterans’ health and safety is the VA’s no. 1 job.  When care is delayed or mishandled, veterans suffer, and the taxpayers are shortchanged.  The disclosures of Mr. Rodriguez, Brandon Coleman and many others are critical toward fixing these problems.  The Office of Special Counsel also is critical.  This office listens to whistleblowers and makes sure their material receives a full review.   I look forward to continued justice for whistleblowers and the public they serve.  I urge the VA leadership to ensure that all whistleblowers are treated fairly under the law.”