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On the World Food Prize
Monday, June 15, 2020
This year’s World Food Prize laureate has been announced.
Dr. Rattan Lal will receive the prize for his work on soil health at the annual ceremony in Des Moines in October.
Often called the Nobel Prize for agriculture, the World Food Prize is awarded for exceptional achievements that advance human development by increasing the quantity, quality, availability of or access to food.
The award was created by Iowan Dr. Norman Borlaug who is credited with saving more lives than any other person who ever lived through his pioneering work in developing new, more productive plant varieties.
The Green Revolution sparked by Dr. Borlaug made it possible for India to feed its people.
Now, Dr. Lal from India is being recognized for his work, which will be of interest to Iowans and others around the world. 
As he says, “Achieving hunger-free humanity, soil degradation neutrality, negative emission farming and pollutant-free water are among principal challenges which can never be ignored … Sustainable management of soil and agriculture is also essential to keeping global temperatures within the safe range and restoring the environment.”