Sen. Chuck Grassley made the following comment on the Mylan-Justice Department settlement announced today.

“This substantiates my concern that Mylan was overcharging the people of Iowa and elsewhere.  It’s unclear whether this settlement is fair or in proportion to the amount Mylan overcharged the taxpayers.  It’s also unclear how much money is going back to the states.  The Justice Department should make all of the details as transparent as possible, including when it opened the investigation into Mylan.  This is public money, and the public’s business generally ought to be public.  And CMS still needs to answer my questions on whether it exerts enough oversight of the Medicaid drug rebate program and when it first notified Mylan that the EpiPen was misclassified.  This settlement shows a big problem with just one company and one product.  Are there others and is CMS doing enough to look out for the taxpayers?  And I intend to seek out the terms of the corporate integrity agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.  It ought to be a strong agreement, given the amount of the settlement.”