Chuck Grassley

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President Obama Signs Anti-fraud Legislation

May 20, 2009

President Obama Signs Anti-fraud Legislation

Senator Chuck Grassley today issued the following comment after President Barack Obama signed legislation he authored with Senators Patrick Leahy and Ted Kaufman.  The Fraud Enforcement Recovery Act will help protect Americans from fraud as well as recover taxpayers’ money lost to fraud.  The legislation bolsters existing tools and increases resources available to federal investigators and prosecutors to combat fraud.  It also includes the most significant update to the federal False Claims Act since 1986 when Grassley authored amendments to the False Claims Act which have helped the government recover more than $22 billion to the United States treasury.


Here is Grassley’s comment.


“I appreciate the president’s quick action on this legislation.  Today’s bill signing is a big win for American taxpayers who have stuck their necks out to help the ailing economy.  We should do everything possible to protect their money from fraud, waste and abuse.  We’re sending a message to the bad actors who have defrauded homeowners and mortgage lenders and we’re giving notice to those who may be thinking about committing future fraud.  Perhaps most importantly, this legislation puts to bed the misguided court rulings that were fueled by years of litigation from special interests such as hospitals and defense contractors.   These provisions make clear that these court decisions that limited the effectiveness of the False Claims Act are overturned and congressional intent is restored.”