WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), in his capacity as President pro tempore of the United States Senate, will accompany President Donald Trump into the chamber of the House of Representatives for the 68th annual State of the Union address as a member of the president’s escort committee.
“Having attended State of the Union addresses for eight U.S. presidents, it’s an honor to once again be part of the escort committee. The State of the Union is a historic opportunity for the president to speak directly to members of Congress and the American people and highlight his legislative priorities for the year ahead. Being a member of the escort committee and welcoming the president is one of the many responsibilities I take seriously within my role as president pro tempore,” Grassley said.
Grassley was sworn in as Senate president pro tempore in 2019, a position held by the most senior member of the majority party in the upper chamber of Congress. Upon his swearing in, Grassley became third in the line of presidential succession following the vice president and the speaker of the House of Representatives. The only other Iowan to hold the office was Sen. Albert B. Cummins, who assumed office in 1919, 100 years before Grassley assumed the role.