Today, the Budget Committee chairman introduced a resolution to provide for Obamacare repeal and set a path forward for a replacement.  Sen. Chuck Grassley, a member of the Budget Committee, made the following comment.

“Obamacare over-promised and under-delivered.  With every year, it’s been sinking deeper, and the ship is on the brink of capsizing.  People were promised more choice, lower costs, and the ability to keep the doctors and health care plans they knew and liked.  The opposite is true.  I’ve heard from Iowans about the high cost of premiums, copayments and deductibles. Obamacare is too expensive for people to use. In Iowa, 13 rural counties will have just one health insurance plan participating in their area this year.  Statewide, premium increases for participants will be 19 percent to 43 percent.  Small businesses lost one of their most popular ways to help employees with their health insurance premiums, something I just successfully fought to reverse.

“The resolution introduced today is the first step in repealing a collapsing program and replacing it with policies that work for working families.  Congress should work on more ways to encourage employers to offer good health care coverage to their employees.  We’ll aim to crack down on frivolous lawsuits, let people purchase insurance across state lines, improve transparency in health care prices, give states more freedom to improve Medicaid and use consumer choice to drive competition, which drives down costs.   Health care coverage, affordability and quality are critical to quality of life.  At every step of this process, I plan to keep in mind how Congress and the incoming president can best deliver for the millions of Americans counting on us to act to repeal Obamacare while protecting access to medical care for all Americans.”