Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa today made the following comment on the announcement from the Environmental Protection Agency that it will delay finalization of the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO) until 2015.

“The reprieve is mixed news for the farmers and biofuel producers who have responded to the call for more homegrown, renewable energy.  The Administration’s ill-conceived proposal would have caused real harm to farmers, producers, and consumers.  It would have increased dependence on oil and protected the stranglehold Big Oil has on our country’s fuel supply.  Still, the Administration doesn’t deserve praise.  Creating uncertainty for everybody who works in this industry isn’t a good way to do business.  No one knows what kind of proposal the Administration might offer next year.  Uncertainty is the enemy of job creation and investment.  Unfortunately, as we also saw with the Keystone XL pipeline, uncertainty, delay and indecision are hallmarks of this Administration on energy policy.”