Senate Impeachment Trial

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa issued this following statement regarding his votes today against dismissal and for deposition of witnesses in the impeachment trial.

"These two votes were about standing up for principles. They were not votes about guilt or innocence.

"The first, a motion to dismiss, was about whether perjury and obstruction of justice are impeachable offenses. The Senate has never before dismissed a Constitutional impeachment, and it would have trivialized the process and set a bad precedent to do so today. I work hard to make government more accountable and want to make sure that future generations can rely on the integrity of the Constitutional process of impeachment as envisioned by our founding fathers.

"The second vote, to depose witnesses, was about using a tightly disciplined legal process to get the information needed to help clear up important discrepancies on the record. Witnesses will not be called simply for the sake of calling witnesses. Seeking this information is important to a process that is judicious.

"The job of the United States Senate is to find the truth in an expeditious way that is also fair.

"It is important for Iowans to know that key legislative issues are being addressed along with the impeachment trial going on. I've been involved just this week in Senate hearings on concentration in agri-business and the impact on family farmers, efforts by the U.S. government to open new markets for our Iowa products, saving Social Security, paying down the federal debt, and reducing taxes on hardworking families."