Chuck Grassley

United States Senator from Iowa





State of the Union Address

Feb 03, 1997

State of the Union Address

Sen. Chuck Grassley issued the following statement in response to the State of the Union message delivered tonight by President Bill Clinton.

"We know what the challenges are. There are many problems to be solved. Now it's time to move beyond the rhetoric and get to work. We need to work together across party lines. I hope the President remains committed to the bi-partisan message he delivered tonight.

"Our job is to help our children and grandchildren have a shot at the American Dream. We need to remove the barriers in the way of that American Dream. That means achieving a balanced federal budget, tax relief for hardworking families, more access to higher education and better jobs, and a sustained effort to stop increased drug use by teenagers.

"We also need to help those who need it today. For older Iowans, that means saving from bankruptcy the Medicare program that they depend upon. And for families, that means safer streets and stronger schools. Key to giving our young people across the country a brighter future with a better education is getting parents more involved. We must make homework more important than TV. Books must be more important than TV. And weekends must be reading and learning time, not tube time.".