WASHINGTON –Christina Zuiderveen of Granville, Iowa, today testified at a Senate Agriculture Committee hearing on milk pricing. Zuiderveen is a managing partner at Black Soil Dairy, LLC. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), a member of the committee, introduced Zuiderveen at the hearing.

Sen. Grassley Greets Christina Zuiderveen at Senate Agriculture Committee hearing.

Following are text and video of Sen. Grassley’s introduction and video of Zuiderveen’s opening remarks.
Grassley Introduction of Zuiderveen

The dairy farmer with us from Iowa is Christina Zuiderveen. She is a managing partner of three dairies: Black Soil Dairy in Granville, Iowa; Mt. Hope Dairy in Beresford, South Dakota; and Dakota Plains Dairy in Centerville, South Dakota. On a day-to-day basis, Christina works in book-keeping and HR. Christina is on the board of the Iowa State Dairy Association. She is also a member of Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, located in the Upper Midwest, and serves on a regional milk pricing task force.
She has previously served on the Central Plains Dairy Expo board of directors. Christina attended Cornerstone University and received her degree in business marketing. She grew up on a dairy farm in California before her family took the operation east to Michigan. She now resides in Iowa with her husband, Nate, and their three children.
I last saw Christina at a discussion I had with her and other dairy farmers at the Iowa State Fair in August. Christina, welcome to the Senate Agriculture Committee.
Zuiderveen Opening Statement (text of prepared remarks)