Prepared Floor Remarks by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa 
Biden White House Needs to Provide Answers on Record Keeping Practices 
Monday, November 15, 2021 

On July 30 of this year, Senator Johnson and I sent a letter to the White House Counsel. 
That letter was based on media reports that then-Vice President Biden used private email for government business. 
As part of that use, he sent government information to his son, Hunter Biden. 
The news reports provided details about then-Vice President Biden’s email addresses at that time and the fake names that he used for them. 
As one example from the reported emails in 2016, an employee in the Office of the Vice President emailed Biden his schedule and copied Hunter Biden. 
In another email in 2016, that same employee reportedly emailed Vice President Biden about early morning preparation for a 9 a.m. phone call with the Ukrainian president. 
Hunter Biden was again reportedly copied on that email. 
As we all know, Hunter Biden served on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian energy company at the time of these emails 
Certainly, Hunter Biden would’ve been quite interested in any and all information relating to United States government communications with the Ukrainian government. 
Now, if these reports are accurate, it’s unclear whether Vice President Biden forwarded related emails to a government account to satisfy federal record keeping requirements. 
Sound familiar, doesn’t it?   
Just ask Hillary Clinton. 
Given Vice President Biden’s apparent pattern and practice with government email, Senator Johnson and I would like to know if this pattern and practice has continued as president. 
So, on July 30, Senator Johnson and I asked exactly that. 
First, we asked, “What steps did then-Vice President Biden take to ensure that all his government emails and related communications were properly stored and archived?” 
Second, we asked, “Does President Biden use non-government email to communicate government business or email his family members government information?  If so, what steps have been taken to ensure that those communications satisfy federal record-keeping and archival requirements?” 
These are simple questions that President Biden can quickly answer. 
Moreover, it would be quite easy for the president to deny the news reports if they weren’t accurate. 
Our letter provided President Biden that opportunity. 
To date, we haven’t received a response 
It’s been over 3 months. 
The fact that the White House Counsel’s Office and President Biden can’t find the time to answer these threshold questions draws suspicion 
One would think that the White House would gladly answer that the president isn’t using government email to communicate government business with family members. 
One would think that the White House would gladly say that it’s properly archiving email records. 

This is a matter of transparency, and the public deserves answers.