Prepared Floor Remarks by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa
On North America’s Energy Independence and Pipeline Infrastructure
Wednesday, May 19, 2021

This Tuesday, I was on a call with Canadian counterparts that serve in Canada’s Parliament.
We discussed issues of concern that impact both legislative bodies in our respective countries.
Canada and the United States share the same values and are closely tied to each other culturally and economically.
Canada is our closest ally and we need to effectively work with them on issues that impact both countries.
On his first day in office, President Biden made the hasty decision to shut down the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. A decision that cost the United States and Canada over 10,000 jobs.
This decision by President Biden sent a clear signal to other Democrats across the country.
It doesn’t matter if it will cost your state jobs and raise gas prices, or irritate an ally, you’d better listen to ideologues in your party who say “Pipelines that transport oil are bad.”
But while the Keystone XL pipeline is better known, the Canadians on the call were worried about a current pipeline in use, the Enbridge Line 5.
The pipeline which has been in use since 1953 delivers the bulk of Canadian crude exports to the United States and also supplies fuel to much of Ontario and Quebec.
In June 2019, the state of Michigan filed a lawsuit to compel the decommissioning of the segment of Line 5 that runs under Lake Michigan
The basis of the suit is that the pipeline is a public nuisance that could become a source of pollution if it leaks.
This month, the Canadian government filed a request to stop the state of Michigan from shutting down the pipeline.
Shutting down Line 5 would have an immediate impact on crude oil supply for refineries – and, as a result, increase the price of gas for Americans.
For the sake of North American energy independence, for American jobs, and to mend relations with our closest ally, I’m asking the Governor of Michigan to reconsider this lawsuit.
For that matter, I’m asking President Biden and the entire Democratic Party to reconsider their stance on the use of pipelines.

Take a cue from the former Governor of Michigan, Energy Secretary Granholm, who said, “Pipelines are the best way to move oil.”