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January 2022

Grassley Statement at Hearing on “The Domestic Terrorism Threat One Year After January 6”
Grassley: The Words Filibuster and Cloture are Not Interchangeable
Grassley: Putin Stands in the Way of Freedom for Russians
Grassley: Chinese Blockades on Adoption are Hurting Children and Families
Grassley: Violent Crime Soared in 2021
Grassley: Garland Continues to Refuse Withdrawal of his School Board Memo
Setting the Record Straight on the False Claims Act and “Materiality”

December 2021

Grassley: The Justice Department Needs to Answer for their Decisions in Crossfire Hurricane
Grassley: Alumni Need to Step Up and Protect the First Amendment at Universities
Grassley: Congress Needs to Continue Taking Action on the Opioid Crisis
Grassley: More Must be Done to Prevent Tragic Shootings
Grassley: Let Parents Speak Up for their Children Without Fear of Prosecution
Grassley: In Support of the Bipartisan Inspector General Access Act
Grassley: The True Nightmare before Christmas
Grassley: The Private Debt Collection Program Continues to Grow Revenue
Grassley: Too Many Officers Have been Grimly Affected by the Fentanyl Crisis
Grassley Statement on the Implications of Closing Guantanamo Bay
Grassley: A Tribute to Senator Robert J. Dole
Grassley Statement at an Executive Business Meeting
Grassley: Don’t Be Fooled, China is Still Very Much a Communist Country