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September 2021

Grassley: Those Wanting to Close the Tax Gap Need Look No Further than the Successful IRS Private Debt Collection Program
Grassley: On Special Counsel Durham and the Democratic Party’s Impact on Crossfire Hurricane
Grassley: China is Blatantly Trying to Strong Arm the U.N.
Grassley Statement at a Judiciary Executive Business Meeting
Grassley: Increased Estate Taxes will Destroy Iowa's Farm Culture
Grassley: Socialism Didn't Work for Sweden. It Won't Work for the U.S. Either.
Grassley Opening Statement for Tristan Leavitt on the Merit Systems Protection Board
Grassley on the Democrats Shameless Tax Proposal
Grassley on the Democrats Attempt to Hijack the Budget Process to Pass Amnesty
Grassley on President Biden's Afghanistan Failures
Grassley: The Border Crisis is Fueling Fentanyl Deaths
Tribute to Corporal Daegan Page
Grassley Hearing Statement on FBI's Handling of Nassar Investigation
Grassley at Nominations Hearing

August 2021

Grassley on the Democrats' Slanted Public Comments about Their Trump Investigation
Grassley on Biden’s Reckless Conservation Plans
Grassley Introduces Legislation to Give Sexual Assault Survivors Additional Protections
Grassley on the Taxpayer vs. Progressive Priorities
Grassley on Protecting American Taxpayer Information from Partisan Messaging

July 2021

Grassley Celebrates National Whistleblower Appreciation Day