BUTLER COUNTY, IOWA – Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), a family farmer, completed his two social media series called #CornWatch and #SoybeanWatch for 2021. The annual series gives followers an inside look at farming operations on the Grassley family farm in New Hartford, Iowa. Over the course of 28 weeks, he highlighted the progression, from planting to harvest, of the farm’s corn and soybean crops. 

“Most people never set foot on a family farm, let alone know about all the complexities that go into planting, growing and harvesting a bountiful crop. The purpose of my #CornWatch and #SoybeanWatch series is to highlight how the work of only two percent of Americans feeds and fuels the world. 

Gaining a better understanding of where our food comes from will instill a greater appreciation for the essential role farmers play in our society.  My hope is that people are more informed about farming through my series, and how important farming is to our country’s success,” Grassley said. 

As one of only two farmers in the United States Senate and the senior senator of one of the top agricultural states in the country, Grassley has been an outspoken advocate for farmers and rural America. Grassley has been a steadfast proponent of the Renewable Fuel Standard and expanding the market for year-round biofuel sales. He’s continued to act as a watchdog over the EPA and hold President Biden and his administration accountable so the agency does not undercut ethanol and biodiesel production. Grassley’s also been a champion for the biodiesel industry by introducing legislation to ensure the biodiesel tax credit is guaranteed by Congress through 2025. 

As Iowa farmers bounced back from a difficult year in 2020, Grassley and his colleagues called on the Biden administration to provide promised pandemic relief to ensure farmers weren’t left behind. Following the derecho that devastated communities in Iowa, Grassley also proposed an amendment to the pandemic recovery package to provide aid for Iowa families, small businesses and farmers affected. 

This is the fourth consecutive year that Grassley has featured his #CornWatch series and the third consecutive year for the #SoybeanWatch series. Grassley created both series to help provide additional education about two of Iowa’s most important crops. 

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