Chuck Grassley

United States Senator from Iowa





Grassley Responds to President's Remarks on Iraq

Feb 16, 1998

Grassley Responds to President's Remarks on Iraq

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa issued the following statement in response to President Bill Clinton's remarks today regarding the crisis with Iraq. For more information, please call Jill Kozeny at 202/224-1308.

"Notwithstanding assertive attempts at diplomacy, Saddam Hussein has not demonstrated any genuine intention of complying with the international peace agreement, which he signed at the end of the Persian Gulf War. After seven years, he still hasn't gotten the message. Baghdad has repeatedly defied the U.N. inspection procedures in place since 1992.

"It is essential to continue aggressively pursuing a diplomatic solution. It is valid to also weigh heavily viable options to send a clear signal to the Iraqi dictator that further violations of the Peace Accord will not be tolerated. Above all, the United States and our allies must defend the rule of law. We cannot take a back seat to a tinhorn dictator who preys upon his own people. That said, to achieve lasting security and to protect American service men and women, the President of the United States must work with our allies around the world and members of Congress to develop a long-term strategy for peace in the region. The President must be able to answer the question, "then what?" in order to build necessary support in Congress and with the American people for military action. An incomplete effort could result in tremendous sacrifice without significant gain."