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Grassley Seeks Details on Undocumented Criminal Charged in Murder of Teen Stepdaughter & their Unborn Child

Mar 22, 2017
Man allegedly received work permit from the Obama Administration despite a history of human trafficking and assault
WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley is asking how a man illegally in the country with a long, violent criminal record and multiple encounters with immigration officials could be allowed not only to remain in the country, but also be granted a work permit. The man, Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramirez, was recently charged in the murder of his 15-year-old stepdaughter, who was nine months pregnant with their second child.
According to reports, Garcia-Ramirez was charged with Assault in 2008 and theft in 2009, but he never stood trial for either charge.  Immigration authorities attempted to deport him in 2011, but he made bond, and again, never faced additional actions.  He was later charged with smuggling five undocumented immigrants, but local prosecutors declined to bring a case, and he was released on bond before immigration officials could deport him. In 2016, the Obama administration granted him a work permit allowing him to apply for a driver’s license and other benefits.
In a letter today to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, Grassley is seeking Garcia-Ramirez’ full immigration and criminal histories.  Grassley is also asking what steps DHS took to prevent Garcia-Ramirez’ release from sanctuary jurisdictions, why he was granted immigration benefits despite his criminal history and whether he met the Obama Administration’s enforcement priorities.
“This is another tragic and disturbing example of the consequences of not enforcing our immigration laws.  It is baffling to me that someone with this kind of record, who as repeatedly broken our nation’s laws, can be allowed not only to stay, but to get a work permit.  We need better enforcement to prevent these terrible tragedies in the future,” Grassley said.
March 22, 2017
The Honorable John Kelly
Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC 20528
Dear Secretary Kelly:
I write to request information on Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramirez, a criminal illegal immigrant.  He was charged with two counts of capital murder in the deaths of his 15-year-old stepdaughter and their unborn baby.[1]  On March 6, 2017, Garcia-Ramirez shot Jennifer Delgado, multiple times in the head.   Delgado was the mother to Garcia-Ramirez’s 1-year-old child, and nine months pregnant with their second child.  When police found Delgado's body, they rushed her to University Hospital where the unborn child was pronounced dead on arrival. 
This horrific murder was entirely preventable.  Multiple reports indicate that Garcia-Ramirez had been previously detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents on two previous occasions.  Each time, Garcia-Ramirez was released within a month.  Further, according to the Washington Times, Garcia-Ramirez applied for and in November 2016 was granted an approved work permit by the Obama Administration. Garcia Ramirez was approved for a work permit in spite of his criminal record, giving him the ability to get a driver’s license and apply for a social security number. 
To better understand how Garcia-Ramirez was able to receive a work permit when he had an outstanding criminal record, please provide the following information as soon as possible, but not later than April 7, 2017:   
  1. The alien registration number for Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramirez, his complete alien file (A-file), including any temporary files or working files, and all documents and items contained in them that were generated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or in their possession about him, whether currently in written or electronic form, including, but not limited to, the Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Executive Summary, criminal history and immigration summaries, detainers or requests for notification, I-213(s), and Notice(s) to Appear or other charging documents created to seek his removal from the United States.
  1. Please identify and explain each and every encounter that DHS or any of its agencies has had with Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramirez, including the date of the encounter, whether the encounter resulted in detention or the issuance of a detainer or request for notification, whether the encounter resulted in the initiation of removal proceedings or reinstatement of a prior removal order against him, and the current status of those removal proceedings or reinstatement.
  1. Please identify each and every date on which Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramirez was arrested by a law enforcement agency in the United States, including criminal and civil arrests, the nature of the charges, the jurisdictions where the arrests occurred, the dispositions of the charges, the dates on which he was released from the custody of the law enforcement agencies, and the reasons for the release.
  1. If San Antonio or any other local law enforcement agency declines to honor a detainer or notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramirez, what action will DHS take to ensure that he is not released from custody and allowed to reoffend?
  1. Why did the administration grant Garcia-Ramirez a work permit when he has such an extensive criminal history?  Who made the decision to grant Garcia-Ramirez a work permit?
  1. What other immigration benefits did Garcia-Ramirez apply for?  Were any applications approved?  Please provide copies of any applications that Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramirez may have submitted, whether or not adjudicated.
  1. What criminal gang(s) is or was Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramirez associated with?  When did ICE become aware that he was associated with a criminal gang?  Please explain.
  1. If Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramirez had been encountered by DHS enforcement officials prior to his recent arrest for capital murder, would he have met the requirements to be considered a priority for removal under the Obama Administration’s Priority Enforcement Program?  If so, please provide the exact reason for such consideration.  If not, why not?
  1. Have any victims associated with the crimes committed by Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramirez been contacted by officials at ICE?  Please provide details.
I anticipate that your written reply and any responsive documents will be unclassified.  Please send all unclassified material directly to the Committee.  In keeping with the requirements of Executive Order 13526, if any of the responsive documents do contain classified information, please segregate all unclassified material within the classified documents, provide all unclassified information directly to the Committee, and provide a classified addendum to the Office of Senate Security.  Although the Committee complies with all laws and regulations governing the handling of classified information, it is not bound, absent its prior agreement, by any handling restrictions or instructions on unclassified information unilaterally asserted by the Executive Branch.
Should you have any questions, please contact Brad Watts or Katherine Nikas of my staff at (202) 224-5225.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Charles E. Grassley
Senate Judiciary Committee

[1] Snejana Farberov, Mexican Illegal Immigrant, 35, ‘Shot his 15-Year-Old Stepdaughter Dead While she was Pregnant With Their Second Child After he was Freed From ICE Custody Twice’, Daily Mail, Mar. 10, 2017,