Senator Chuck Grassley, Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, released the following statement after President Obama spoke this afternoon about immigration matters.  The Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over immigration policy in the United States Senate.

“There’s already a great deal of concern about the President’s executive orders.  The crisis at the border is at least partially due to the Obama administration’s lack of enforcement and the President’s own policies.  Just because the legislative branch may not act on immigration reform this year doesn’t mean the President can do an end around Congress and act unilaterally by signing executive orders that do nothing to fix the underlying problem.  As most constitutional scholars know, that’s not how our system of government works.  Our immigration system is broken, and it needs fixed, but it needs to start with securing the border, and the bill considered by the Senate fell far short in that area.  If the Obama administration rewards illegality and fails to enforce the laws or secure the border, we’re going to be back at this same place in 20 years.”