Chuck Grassley

United States Senator from Iowa





Grassley Urges Ag Secretary Glickman to Extend Crop Insurance Closing Date

Mar 12, 1997

Grassley Urges Ag Secretary Glickman to Extend Crop Insurance Closing Date

Cites Software Problems and Late Approval of Crop Revenue Coverage

Scott Stanzel


Due to problems with computer software and the late approval of revenue assurance in Iowa, Sen. Chuck Grassley this week urged Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman to extend the sales closing deadline for enrolling in federal crop insurance programs from March 17 to March 28.

Grassley said the U.S. Department of Agriculture has the authority to set the closing sales date for federal crop insurance programs. The delay in issuing approval of the revenue assurance and crop revenue coverage programs caused Federal Crop Insurance Corporation computer software, which crop insurance agents use to quote premiums to farmers, to be sent later than normal. Also, the software wasn't immediately functional upon receipt, due to changes in the computer program.

Grassley has long advocated crop insurance as a risk management tool for farmers. "Farmers should have more than just one week to make determinations about this important risk management tool," Grassley said.

In addition, Grassley said, "With the new farm bill, we reduced the amount of traditional government support farmers received. With that in mind, farmers must be given a wide variety of risk management tools. Crop insurance is one of these tools. However, risk management is only effective if producers have all the information necessary to decide what product best suits their needs."

Grassley is a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee.