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Grassley's Committee Offers Help to Older Iowans

Feb 01, 1998

Grassley's Committee Offers Help to Older Iowans

Pamphlet Highlights Deductions for Seniors; How To Avoid Paying Too Much in Taxes

Jill Kozeny


Working to help older Americans keep more money in theirpockets, Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa today announced the publication of a updated pamphletdesigned to help seniors avoid paying too much in taxes.

"Every year thousands of older Americans are at risk of paying too much money in taxes tothe Internal Revenue Service (IRS) because they are not aware of deductions they may be entitledto," said Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging.

In an effort to protect their family budgets, Grassley directed the Aging Committee todistribute a pamphlet designed to help seniors when filing their tax returns. "America's seniors areoften living on fixed incomes with barely enough money to buy food and necessary medications,"said Grassley. "This pamphlet is our way of helping protect their income. Many medical and dentalexpenses can be deducted from a person's income. But first, older Americans must know theirrights. They can call or write my committee to request a copy of this brochure."

Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the "Protecting Older Americans AgainstOverpayment of Income Taxes" pamphlet should print their name, address, and title of the pamphleton a post-card, then mail it to: Senate Special Committee on Aging, G31 Dirksen Senate Building,Washington, DC 20510. People can also call (202) 224-5364 to request a copy.

"We consulted with the IRS in putting this pamphlet together," said Grassley. "Along withproviding helpful information, the pamphlet lists publications and programs available through theIRS which are designed to help seniors with their tax returns. While every American should pay hisor her fair share in taxes, no one should pay one penny more," concluded Grassley. "It is our hopethat this pamphlet will help seniors make ends meet a little more easily."