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Satellite Feed/Estate Tax Impact on Family Farms

Feb 25, 1997

Satellite Feed/Estate Tax Impact on Family Farms

 Sen. Grassley is participating in Agriculture Committee hearings today and Wednesday to discuss the impact estate tax and capital gains tax reform would have on family farmers. From his position on the Finance Committee, Grassley is developing a bi-partisan, comprehensive estate tax reform proposal to provide relief for family farms and small businesses.<P> During the hearing today, Grassley emphasized that when the new farm program was passed last year, Congress made a commitment to reduce the role of the federal government in agriculture. He said that in exchange for less financial assistance from the federal government, Congress expressed its promise to reduce the regulatory and tax burden on farmers. In short, Congress said it would give farmers the tools to compete in a new era of agriculture.<P> "Reforming the estate and capital gains tax is a good place to start in fulfilling this commitment," Grassley said.<P> Grassley has been a long-time advocate of substantial estate and capital gains tax reform. Some of the witnesses for the Agriculture Committee hearings include:<P><CENTER>Neil Harl, Iowa State University Economist<BR>Jack Kemp, Empower America Co-chairman<BR>Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska)<BR>Clark Willingham, National Cattlemen's Beef Association<BR></CENTER><P> A satellite feed will be available tomorrow morning, Wednesday, Feb. 26. The feed will include b-roll from the Agriculture Committee hearing and a comment from Grassley. The coordinates for the satellite feed follow:<P><CENTER>10:30 - 10:35 a.m. (CST)<BR>Galaxy 9<BR>Transponder 2 Vertical<BR>Downlink Frequency 3740<BR>Channel 2<BR>Standard Audio 6.2 and 6.8