Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley made the following statement after meeting with General John Kelly, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to be Secretary of Homeland Security.  The Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over immigration policy which mainly falls under the purview of the Department of Homeland Security.

“I appreciate General Kelly meeting with me.  It was clear from our conversation that he understands the critical importance border security plays in our overall homeland security, especially with respect to the flow of illegal immigration and dangerous narcotics across the border into our country.  I expressed my strong appreciation for whistleblowers and my intent to continue oversight of government agencies so as to hold them accountable for taxpayers.

“We also discussed a lot of issues surrounding the flawed immigration enforcement policies that are currently being employed and how the incoming administration can help ensure that criminal immigrants are not released onto the streets of American communities and are deported.  I mentioned the case involving Sarah Root, and the need to do more to get drunk drivers who are here illegally off our streets.

“In addition, we talked about new proposed regulations published by the Department today that would go a long way to restoring the EB-5 immigrant visa program to the way Congress intended it to be used: to help bring much-needed jobs and capital to rural and economically distressed areas.  I expressed my strong desire that these rules be kept in place and allowed to go forward to ensure that this program fulfills its original intent.”